Setup FTP Connection for WordPress upgrade


  • You have WordPress site running on a Windows Server
  • When you attempt to update your WordPress installation to the latest available version it results in a prompt to specify the Connection Information using FTP.


  • Enable FTP feature on your Windows Server under Web Server (IIS) Server Role.
  • Download and Install FileZilla Server on your WordPress server
  • Logon to FTP service as local administrator in the login box as shown below                                                                                               . image
  • Create a New FTP user as shown below:                                                                                                                    .image
  • Assign at least one Shared Folder for newly created FTP user.  Ensure that you enable full permissions for the user on the shared folder.  In below example, I have assigned complete C: drive as provided FTP user all permissions on the folder.                        .  image

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