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Automatically Applying Outlook Views via Scripts

Scenario: I wanted to set a default custom view for all users connecting to our XA sessions so that users at every logon will have their outlook views reset and configured the custom view defined by me.


I know that Outlook views are saved to Exchange server mailboxes, however I’ve tried below couple of things to see if they help achieving this from a client side changes but in vain.


Exchange Server’s mdbvu32.exe tool reveals where Outlook stores its folder views. If you use mdbvu32.exe to open the root folder of the mailbox Information Store (IS), you see the IPM_COMMON_VIEWS folder. It contains two types of objects: IPM.Microsoft .FolderDesign.NamedView and IPM.Microsoft.FolderDesign.FormsDescription. In other words, these objects are folder views and Outlook forms—in particular, forms published to your Personal Forms library.

Reference: Where does Outlook store its view settings?


Managing via Outlook.xml file:

HideNavigation Pane settings (.xml)

drive:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.xml


Source: Navigation Pane settings (.xml)

Managing via OUTCMD.DAT file:

HideOutlook Default Settings CMD file (OUTCMD.DAT)

drive:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\OUTCMD.DAT

Source: How to restore the Outlook default installation, toolbars and settings

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